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Stowarzyszenie im. Ireneusza Ślipka

na rzecz dialogu polsko-żydowskiego w Warcie

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ANNUAL PLAN OF ACTIVITIES of the Ireneusz Ślipek Association for Polish-Jewish Dialogue in Warta 2019

  1. Commencement of cooperation with the authorities of the Town of Warta, the Jewish Community in Łódź, scientists and experts in Judaism, Primary School of Warta and Warta Cultural Center.
  2. Seeking sponsors/donators, and admission of new members.
  3. Renovation of the gate of the Jewish cemetery in Warta.
  4. Cleaning the area of the cemetery.
  5. Educational activities: cooperation with the Primary School of Warta in the project "Ireneusz Ślipek – a bridge between two cultures".
  6. Seeking Israeli sister school(-s) for the Primary School of Warta.
  7. Enhancement of the website of the Association.
  8. Maintaining the Association website at Facebook.
  9. Attempt to have the Jewish cemetery in Warta recognized as a cemetery of war victims.
  10. Fixing road signs to indicate the way to the Jewish cemetery.