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Stowarzyszenie im. Ireneusza Ślipka

na rzecz dialogu polsko-żydowskiego w Warcie

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The Ireneusz Ślipek Associationfor Polish-Jewish Dialogue in Warta

1.The name of the Association is "The Ireneusz Ślipek Association for Polish-Jewish Association Dialogue in Warta" (hereinafter referred to as "the Association").

2.The Association runs its activities in the territory of the Republic of Poland and worldwide.

3.The registered seat of the Association is at the Warckie Centrum Kultury [Warta Culture Center]: ul. Kościuszki 9/11, 98-290 Warta, Poland.

4.The founders of the Association:
- Adriana Dzieran. PESEL : XXXXXXXXXXX, Identity Card series and number: XXX,
- Włodzimierz Dzieran, PESEL: XXXXXXXXXXX, Identity Card series and number: XXX,
- Beata Łuczak. PESEL: XXXXXXXXXXX, Identity Card series and number: XXX,
- Piotr Łuczak, PESEL: XXXXXXXXXXX, Identity Card series and number: XXX,
- Zbigniew Talaga, PESEL XXXXXXXXXXX, Identity Card series and number: XXX.

Zbigniew Talaga, of ul. Garbarska 2/3 98-290 Warta, Poland, Identity Card series and number XXX, is appointed a representative of the Association authorized to make representations and sign on behalf of the Association solely, and to represent the Association before any third parties of whatsoever kind.

5.The Association has been established for an indefinite period of time. The Association runs its activities under the stipulations of the Association Act of April 7, 1989 (Dz. U. [Journal of Laws] 1989 No. 20, Item 104 as amended), and under the provisions hereof.

6.The activities of the Association The Association is based primarily on voluntary activities of the Association members.

7.The resources of the Association are obtained from the membership fees, discretionary grants, donations from individuals and private parties from Poland and elsewhere, and from measures obtained from bodies and institutions of the Republic of Poland.

8.The goals of the Association include:

(1)Establishing and continuation of a cordial dialogue between the community of the Town and Commune of Warta and Jewish communities of the territory of the Republic of Poland and abroad.
(2)Activities aimed at the preservation and maintenance of the Jewish cemetery in Warta, and raising funds for such activities.
(3)Awareness and celebration of the region’s Polish and Jewish heritage, among other cultures and religions?), including traditions and contributions people in this historically diverse area made for the betterment of everyone.
(4)An ongoing promotion of respect and acceptance of people of all backgrounds.
(5)Creation of a platform of exchange of information and personal experiences among the interested persons and institutions.

9.The Association shall achieve its goals via the following activities:

(1)organization of meetings, competitions, works, lectures, concerts and other events aimed at establishing and maintaining friendly relations among members and institutions of the Polish and Jewish communities;
(2)running various forms of educational activities addressed to children, youth and adults;
(3)Cooperation with other persons and parties with similar goals;
(4)submitting motions and opinions to any competent administration bodies and institutions in cases when the Association considers it justified and beneficial for achieving its goals;
(5)raising funds to enable the Association's goals to be achieved;
(6)supporting any activities remaining in line with the goals of the Association to any extent;
(7)other activities to support achievement of the goals of the Association.

10.Any and all binding decisions pertaining to achieving the goals and current activities of the Association are made by the Assembly of the founders of the Association. The unanimous decisions of the Assembly are valid and final.