PL - Stowarzyszenie im. Ireneusza Ślipkana rzecz dialogu polsko-żydowskiego w Warcie. ____________________________ ENG - The Ireneusz Ślipek Association for Polish-Jewish Dialogue in Warta. Read More...

Stowarzyszenie im. Ireneusza Ślipka

na rzecz dialogu polsko-żydowskiego w Warcie

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Our Association was entered in the County register of ordinary associations on December 8, 2018.

            The Association was established by five people driven by love to every neighbor and by the need for nourishing tolerance, respect to people of other nationalities and religions. The five enthusiasts are:

  1. Adriana Dzieran
  2. Włodzimierz Dzieran
  3. Beata Łuczak
  4. Piotr Łuczak
  5. Zbigniew Talaga

The latter was burdened with responsibility for representing the Association vis-à-vis third parties. 

            Our patron, Ireneusz Ślipek was a man of extraordinary strength, perseverance and resoluteness. He busily concentrated those features to reconstruct and clean the Jewish cemetery in Warta.

            We nominated Mr. Ruben Gelbart posthumously the honorable member of our Association. Mr. Ruben's merits for saving memory of Jews of Warta are invaluable.

            The 'membership' of Mr. Gelbart and Mr. Ślipek prods us into activities aimed at propagating knowledge of Jewish culture among Poles, but we are willing to present Polish culture to Jews, too.

            Join us. There are plenty of tasks to be done and ideas to be delivered.